Esther Anato-Dumelo

General Counsel

Esther Anato-Dumelo is a recognised articulate and highly skilled barrister with over 20 years of diverse experience in providing legal representation and consultancy for different national and international partners and clients at all levels of the public and private sector. She has excelled at both trial and appellate advocacy and enjoyed great success in numerous trials including winning her first Magistrate Court trial, first Crown Court jury trial, first Crown Court Appeal trial, and first High Court Chancery trial, a record which very few barristers have obtained. Esther started her legal career as a pupil barrister after being awarded an outstanding for her cross-examination exam at Bar school. During her pupillage training, she successfully won her first Court trial at as defence counsel for a black man who was accused of assaulting a white police officer. She skillfully cross-examined six police officers testifying as prosecution witnesses. Her victory in the case was acknowledged by the trial judge as a rare and successful feat. Since then, Esther developed into a strong, confident, and personable barrister with excellent oral and written communication and advocacy skills. She possesses an astute ability to analyse and evaluate complex legal information and issues logically and rationally and provide expert advice accordingly. Alongside a successful international and corporate law practice and legal consultancy business, she has a growing practice specialising in human rights law. Esther was awarded a first-class distinction for a master’s programme in human rights and disability studies at the University of Leeds. During the two-year master’s programme at Leeds University, she demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and was nominated to be chairperson of the disability services student panel, postgraduate taught masters student school representative, and postgraduate taught masters student course representative. A pattern which had been previously replicated throughout her junior years as head of the Christian union and african caribbean societies at Swansea, University of Wales, president of the student union at college, and two terms as vice-president and subsequently two terms as president of the student council at secondary school. Esther is a passionate believer in merging the spheres of corporate business, legal, and philanthropy with human rights and justice causes, environmental, social, and governance mandates with sustainable development goals. Esther has a passion to see the African continent having a leading voice and possess as strong an economic power and presence on the world stage that is equally reflective of its vast treasures of natural resources. To that end, Esther partners with African business and governmental bodies that pursue this vision with eagle-eyed focus. As a regular contributor to legal pro-bono work with various charitable causes, Esther enjoys speaking at various functions as a barrister and advocate for human anti-trafficking causes, and human rights and justice charitable initiatives. Additionally, aside from her legal career, Esther has developed teaching programmes and transformational life courses which she utilises alongside her motivational speaking engagements and coaching skills to mentor and empower young people into achieving their greatest potential.

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