Africa Compliance Hub

The Africa Compliance Hub provides a platform for the secure and anonymized exchange of high-quality financial crime risk management information from around the world to help Africa mitigate its financial crime risk, making Africa the most attractive investment destination.

We provide top-quality educational and expert information, access to a Compliance Regulatory Repository to help our members, measure, better manage, and understand compliance risk and how to mitigate these risks. We do this through research, data, and the sharing of ideas, information, and experience.

The Problem

Poor information

Limited access to compliance information in strategic industries and jurisdictions

Human capital failures

Human capital failures evidence in poor knowledge and awareness of compliance requirements

Systemic failures

Weak systems and procedures that fail to detect compliance issues

The Solution

Quality intelligence

High quality intelligence on latest compliance developments in key industries and jurisdictions

Human capital development

Training and awareness programmes for investors, managers and staff to increase their knowledge base

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