Joseph Stroud


Joseph Stroud is a seasoned Financial and Government Contract Executive with over 35 years experience, a diverse background in corporate turnarounds, strategic planning, contract negotiations, risk management, and policy development across various industries. With extensive experience serving in CFO, COO, and CEO roles, they excel in implementing corporate infrastructure to ensure compliance, financial solvency, and optimal ROI. Noteworthy achievements include advising clients on capital raising for acquisitions, facilitating mergers to enhance competitiveness, and navigating complex contract disputes with government entities. Their expertise extends to financial planning, commercialization of products, and orchestrating corporate buyouts and divestitures. Throughout their career, they have demonstrated proficiency in managing multimillion-dollar projects, such as leading financial groups to support new ventures and resolving disputes with government agencies. Their strategic insights have been instrumental in achieving favorable outcomes in legal proceedings and maximizing operational efficiency. Additionally, they possess a strong academic background with an MBA in Business and a BA in Economics, complemented by affiliations with professional organizations like the Knights of Columbus and Veterans of Foreign Wars Men’s Auxiliary. Their technical proficiency includes various financial software programs, underscoring their ability to leverage technology for business success.