African Leaders & Partners Forum 2023

We invite you to attend the launch of the African Leaders & Partners Forum.

The forum will be a strategic platform where Africa’s leaders and potential investment partners regularly connect to establish the collaborations and partnerships that will drive African Economic Development. Ultimately, the platform will serve as a gateway – linking Africa to the world by connecting systems, people and businesses, ensuring risk management remains as a core foundation.

The forum will collaborate with this network of leaders to develop knowledge products such as white papers, regular newsletters and forecasts covering future African investment, the latest trends and news on high-level partnerships in the world of African economics, trade and finance.

Hourly Schedule

Day 1

De-risking trade & investment opportunities in Africa to spur growth
The panel seeks to take stock of the fundamentals of de-risking strategies in Africa and spur new thinking about de-risking strategies on the continent, so that investors, companies and governments can take full advantage of trade and investment financing.
Digital Transformation in Africa
How Innovation can help spur sustainable growth, boost skills and jobs, and increase the continent’s participation in world trade. This panel explores how Africa’s digital ecosystem can help drive sustainable economic growth that promotes social and gender equality, boosts digital skills and creates jobs. The panel will discuss how innovation plays a central role in the continent’s development, including the role of women entrepreneurs, and explores how international investors can plug into ‘Digital Africa’ in the wake of the Digital Transformation with Africa (DTA) initiative of the Biden-Harris Administration.
Diasporan Talent Pool and Investment Opportunities
The African diaspora, which exceeds 40 million in the US alone, has been called the continent’s ‘secret weapon’. This panel will discuss how the diaspora can play a pivotal role in the continent’s growth, as Africa’s economic transformation opens up new markets for US companies and creates new partnerships between government, private sector and the diaspora.
Official launch of the African Leaders & Partners Forum's paid members portal
This session will feature the following: 1. Official launch of the African Leaders & Partners Forum paid membership portal 2. Recognitions 3. Collaborations and partnerships announcement
Cocktail Reception / Networking


16 Nov 2023


09:00 - 18:00

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