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About the 2022 Summit

Where Africa and investment meet and the future of investment in Africa starts

AIRC Summit is the leading event designed to drive greater investments in Africa through connecting investors, organisations, banks and governments.

The summit is structured to shine a light on the potential high returns Africa offers for investors and delivers the latest thinking on overcoming the obstacles standing in the way of unlocking the continent’s vast opportunities.


Live pitching for investors by up to 500 companies looking for investment across a range of sectors

Active Investors

Attendance by private equity, venture capital, angel investors and firms seeking African investment

High-Profile Speakers

Keynotes from high profile stakeholders from across government, banking and regulatory bodies

Insightful discussions

Seven panel discussions dedicated to investment and realising investment opportunities

An Africa of immense investment opportunities

The opportunity

In 2019, seven of the world’s 15 fastest-growing economies by real GDP were African. Africa had a nominal GDP of $2,542 billion in 2019. The IMF predicts that sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP will grow by 3.7% in 2021 and 3.8% in 2022. Trading under the African Continental Free Trade Area started in January 2021 and has created a huge single market containing over 1.3 billion people.

Africa has vast natural resources and a young and rapidly growing population. Intra-African trade currently accounts for only about 16% of the continent’s total trade, whereas intra-European trade is close to 70%, so the potential is significant.

The challenge

In 2020 Foreign Direct Investment inflows into Africa of $40 billion were down from $47 billion in 2019, as a result of COVID. The financing gap for African SMEs is $245 billion in sub-Saharan Africa.
Many overseas countries – including China, the USA, France, the UK, India, Russia and others – are clamouring to increase their trade and investment links with Africa.

While there is a move to harmonisation, with more than 1,000 languages and numerous currencies across 55 countries and often different laws and standards, it is increasingly vital to address the different types of risks that may be associated with investment management in Africa. In the search for funding, African firms must understand the compliance expectations of both local and international investors. The Africa IRC Summit 2022 will focus on how to unlock the opportunities and mitigate challenges for the continent this year and beyond.

Why should I attend?


Investment-ready companies

  • Immediate opportunity to pitch directly to active investors looking for high-growth opportunities
  • Gain exposure to more than 2,700 attendees as well as benefits from publicity surrounding event
  • Hear how to navigate and overcome challenges on your journey seeking investment and understand how to remove obstacles blocking investment

Stakeholders, organisations & bodies

  • Gain an insight into investor thinking around risks and compliance issues that may be holding back investment decisions
  • Connect with high profile investors looking to do business in Africa
  • Gain insight on how ESG integration can help build stronger boards, improved corporate governance and high-performance companies

compliance teams

  • Gain deeper insight into the different types of investments risks associated with the different parts of Africa, the different regulatory frameworks and how to navigate them. 
  • Gain a professional advantage with access to the latest thinking, trends and insights 
  • Network with like minded professionals, mentors and thought leaders from around the world

Audience / Industries

  • C suite executives
  • Directors
  • Consultants
  • SME’s
  • Technology Companies
  • Insurance
  • Banks
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energy
  • Impact Investors
  • Pension Funds
  • Family offices
  • High net worths,
  • Venture Capitals
  • Private Equities
  • Regulators
  • Enforcement Agencies

An Africa of immense investment opportunities

As with previous summits, Africa IRC Summit 2022 will see high profile speakers and guests offering valuable insight and understanding into the key themes of this year’s event around investment opportunities.

Key themes

  • How to make Africa attractive for global investments
  • How to identity the hidden gem investment opportunities in Africa
  • Renewable energy developments in Africa in the era of climate change
  • Unlocking long-term sustainability in Africa’s Junior Mining sector
  • How investment portfolios can utilise African investments to improve their SDGs and ESGs
  • Governance and risk management – how demonstrating good governance increases likelihood of investment and how to demonstrate trust when attracting investment
  • The gender lens investing opportunities in Africa and the risk
  • The rise of the fintech industry in Africa and how investable companies can address investor needs
  • Looking at the potential available to the African Diaspora as the economy accelerates

The full list of speakers and panellist will be available as the event draws nearer.

Looking for opportunities?

The summit helps investors uncover the real depth of investment opportunities in the region, understand how to navigate the investment journey and mitigate relevant investment risks, and connect with some of the most exciting African start-ups and fast-growth businesses across a range of sectors.

Looking for investment?

The summit helps companies looking for investment connect directly with high profile investors looking specifically for opportunities in Africa in a structured, supported environment designed to highlight the best your organisation and Africa has to offer.

Looking to attract investment?

The summit offers an opportunity for stakeholders in African investment to come together and share insight about how strengthening compliance and ESG can help unlock the investment opportunities in the region. The summit gives nations, banks and organisations and compliance teams a platform to showcase their own compliance success in mitigating relevant risks.


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