Future Africa as a magnet for global investment

We are an Africa-focused, independent specialist compliance and risk management consultancy firm with a global offering.

Our Mission

The African continent houses some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, which are both labour and resource-abundant, however Governance, Regulatory environments, Compliance risks, Politics, and Culture remain barriers to capital inflow.

EBII Group’s mission is to unlock Africa’s investment value by helping market participants to understand the compliance risks and mitigations associated with their Africa investments proposition. EBII Group works closely with Banks and African governments by supporting them to strengthen their compliance programmes, regulatory and enforcement programmes. We therefore provide a critical link between African nations and the rest of the world, creating a more conducive environment for interactions.

Our Services

We provide a variety of services aimed at helping businesses work within emerging markets, particularly in Africa  where complex and unique compliance challenges are presented.

Let us help you navigate through the complexities, reduce your risk and build a stronger business strategy.

The Benefits of Compliance

As an organisation, complying with several regulatory obligations can be a constant challenge within most industries, but it isn’t just useless red tape. There are several benefits to your organisation for staying compliant.

Reduce your risk

In today’s digital world, the loss of data could severely impact your organisation or threaten its very survival.

Gain better insight and business strategy

An adequate compliance management program can help you gain a better understanding of your organisation by giving you the information you need to direct and control your operations, thus increasing profitability.

Increase confidence

Achieving compliance enhances the confidence of your customers and other stakeholders in your brand.

Meet our Founder

Adjoa Adjei-Twum

Founder & CEO, EBII Group
Adjoa Adjei-Twum is the Founder & CEO of the Emerging Business Intelligence and Innovation (EBII) Group and an astute intellect in African Economic Development. She is a Financial Crime Compliance Expert with over a decade of international experience helping organisations meet their compliance requirements in the financial sector, with cross-cutting knowledge in both emerging and developed markets, especially in Anti-money laundering(AML) and Economic Sanctions. Read More


Let us help you stay compliant
in future Africa.

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We can help you navigate through the complexities, reduce your risk and build a stronger business strategy.

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The summit is a call to action for African political leaders, policymakers, regulatory authorities, leading bilateral/multilateral development finance institutions; private equity and impact investments funds; banks and other financial institutions to come together reflect on these issues, and  share their insights on the prospects of ESG and financial crime compliance in supporting growth and development of the African continent.

Our annual summit creates the opportunity  for African institutions, regulatory bodies and governments to reposition firmly as vanguards of the policy environment and, in so doing, purposefully change the narratives around investment risk in Africa.

This is an opportunity for our attendees to access African expertise and gain clarity on investment risks and mitigations of the African markets. 

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