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Developing Business in the

Emerging Business Intelligence & Innovation (EBII) Group is a compliance advisory firm that serves as an emerging market interface for businesses in the western world and Africa.


Many foreign and local investors miss great investment opportunities in Africa because their perception of the risks of investing in Africa often exceed the actual risk for various reasons.

While there are undoubtedly risks requiring navigation, seasoned investors can achieve highly attractive returns that outweigh the actual risks that exist. More importantly, with the right guidance and advice from EBII Group, a lot of the perceived risks can be better understood and significantly reduced.

EBII Group will remove the stereotype misconceptions faced by those considering business investments in Africa, through our comprehensive compliance programmes and we also help to enhance access to global capital markets for African businesses.



Clients of EBII Group will receive an unrivalled level of expertise with result driven solutions that deliver.

Mission Statement

To improve Africa’s perception in global financial markets, demystify the risks and contribute to an equal opportunity blueprint for safely investing in Africa.

Our Expertise

  • World Class-Experience
  • Proven record with top financial/banking institutions and our solutions are extensive.
  • Customised Services
  • We approach each project with a fresh lens with a bigger picture in mind.
The Challenge

The perception of corruption is one of the biggest threats facing Africa in terms of inward investment. Global financial markets tend to treat the entirety of Africa as a high-risk region, with little acknowledgement of the diversity of economies, geopolitical landscapes, or the level of socio-economic development within the different countries and regions. This makes financing expensive and restricts the flow of investment. Such misapprehensions are leading many investors to overlook attractive investment opportunities in Africa.