Future Africa as a magnet for global investment

EBII Group Corp. is a public benefit corporation.


We help Financial Institutions, Africa and Latin America-focused governments and private sector organisations:

  • Strengthen their compliance, regulatory and enforcement programmes.
  • Generate business, investment ideas and opportunities.
  • Connect investors, Businesses and individuals with suitable opportunities
  • Support multi-nationals, government institutions to NGOs investing in Africa and Latin America with compliance risk assessments and due diligence.

EBII Training Programmes

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Our Mission

To connect Africa and Latin America's markets to the world by using compliance and risk management to accelerate investment, trade and economic development across the continent.

The $420 Billion Challenge

Despite being home to the highest rate of entrepreneurship globally, Africa is the region most deprived of the funding needed to scale its innovative solutions.

The Opportunity

Funding Growth

VC funding is up 5x since 2019

Rapid Returns

Africa has 5x Unicorn growth since 2019

Workforce Boom

Africa will have 40% of global population by 2050

Trade Integration

ACFTA will boost GDP by $450bn

Why Investors struggle to engage Africa and some Latin American Countries


Founders in Africa and Latin America sometimes lack knowledge about risk mitigation standards and key compliance requirements from investors

Due Diligence

The regulatory environment is rife with fraudulent documents, hampering access to reliable due diligence information


Finding reputable Trade and finance partners committed to transparency and high compliance standards can be challenging

Why Compliance Matters

Reduce risk

Lack of compliance can put your organisation and clients at risk of financial crime and other breaches that could result in regulatory fines and reputational damage.

Improve business strategy and profits

A robust compliance management programme can help you gain a better understanding of your organisation, enabling you to improve operational control and ultimately increase profits.

Increase stakeholder confidence

Achieving compliance enhances the confidence of your customers and other stakeholders.

Our Services

We provide services aimed at helping businesses work with or partner with entities in Latin America and African Nations where complex and unique compliance challenges exist. We help to create a more conducive environment for business and trade.

EBII Group is structured into three Business lines:

Annual Africa Investment Risk and Compliance Summit

The annual Africa IRC Summits Africa Investment Risk and Compliance Summit (AIRCS), started in 2020, unites political and business leaders, academics and regulators to find coordinated solutions to Africa’s investment challenges.

  • USA Edition 
  • Europe Edition 
  • Asian Edition 
  • African Edition

Our upcoming events

Meet our Founder

Adjoa Adjei-Twum

President & CEO, EBII Group

Adjoa Adjei-Twum is the President and CEO of EBII Group Corp. She is a recognised thought leader on key issues related to climate resilience and doing business and investing in the African continent. 

Adjoa pursued a successful career in banking, holding several leadership roles, such as global head of training and communications for the chief controls office at Barclays Bank before starting a finance masters programme at the University of Oxford in 2018. There she was elected student president of her class and launched the EBII Group. 

Through her roles as a director working at global banks and financial organisations, including KPMG, CITI, Barclays, and HSBC, Adjoa has investigated high-profile corruption cases, including the Panama Papers investigation on behalf of Barclays. 

As the President of EBII Group, Adjoa hosts the annual Africa Investment Risk and Compliance Summit (AIRCS), a forum uniting political and business leaders, academics and regulators to collaborate and find coordinated solutions to investment challenges in Africa. Adjoa hosted the President of the Republic of Ghana, Sierra Leone President, US Congresswoman Rep Ilhan Omar, and other high-level political and business leaders at the EBII AIRCS in London in 2021 and 2022. 

Adjoa has appeared on leading global media outlets, including CNN, BBC’s World Newsday, BBC Africa News, BBC World Business TV and World Service Radio, as well as Sky News, CNBC Asia, GTV,  Citi TV, Metro TV, Joy TV, GHI TV and other very high profile business magazines. She has also written thought leadership pieces for Oxford Answers, the University of Oxford.

In 2020, Adjoa was recognised by Oxford University’s Enterprising Oxford in their ‘Wonder Woman” series, which highlights inspiring female leaders. In 2022 Adjoa was recognised by the BBC on their International women’s day as a Wonder Woman and In March 2023, Adjoa was invited by the White House to join other high-level US delegations to travel with US VP Kamala Harris on her first official visit to Africa. 


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